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Pick-Up, Delivery
, Guarantee & Payment Information

In Home Estimates are FREE!!*

Upon Completion Guarantee

I am so confident in my quality of work, I will guarantee you, IN WRITING*, that you be happy, or you will PAY ME NO MONEY!

Which other shop offers that kind of 'rock solid' confidence??

In the extremely rare event that this may occur, I would you ask for at least one chance to make it right.  This will be up to you, however.

Keep in mind that with every repair, I aim for 100% perfect.  But most repairs, depending on the nature and location of the damage, 100% may not be attainable. I will discuss this with you in the beginning.  The reality is, 100% perfect is rare- for anyone, so most of my restoration work hits between 95-100%. 

It has been my experience that most folks just love the results, as I am my own worst critic! This is because most everyone realizes 'perfect is not realistic or necessary' because the final results were far better than they imagined anyway. 

*This particular guarantee is provided upon request prior to any work being done.  It does not apply to certain restoration jobs, such as, but not limited to- Hand Woven Seating, such as Cane or Rush.  In these instances, there will be slight variations due to several factors, but mainly- it is hand woven, and usually done with products of nature.  Last time I looked, 'products of nature' are not perfect.

It will also not apply to restorations or repairs whereas I make a diligent effort to get you, the customer involved in the job, by either requesting you come in to the shop see a problem at hand that needs addressing- such as, but not limited to Color Selection or Color Variations, or you simply tell us to 'use our judgement'.

Pick up and Delivery...
Our pick up and delivery terms and fees are currently being revised- please call for details. 

1.  If the job is over $200, Pick up and Delivery is FREE** in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

2.  If the job is $199 or less, and you let me take it to my shop while I am at your home or office while I am already there giving you a FREE estimate, and if you help me load it in my van, Pick up is FREE, and if you wish for me to deliver it back, and you help me unload it- then Delivery will run from $25-$60.

3. If you choose to pick up your furniture from my shop when completed. please know that I am there by appointment only, and you MUST pick it up within 7 days of being notified of completion. See our: 'Hold Terms'.

4.   If you want to think about my estimate, that's understandable, but to come back at a later time, pick up and delivery will run from $25-60 in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho.

5.  Pick up and Delivery charges outside of Rio Rancho the Albuquerque city limits will be on a case by case basis, and I will inform you along with the written estimate.

6.  Please note- we WILL NOT pick up furniture without anyone being home (from the front porch, garage, back porch, etc), or if there is only a minor child present in the home. An adult MUST BE present to sign our paperwork for services to be rendered.  

Additionally, an adult that is 18 or older must be home upon delivery.....and if paying with a credit card- the card holder MUST BE PRESENT to sign for charges due.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.  Please know, if we arrive for delivery, and our delivery terms are not met, including the possibility that no adult is home to accept delivery we may leave your home with your furniture and there will be a MINIMUM of a $75 re-delivery charge added to the bill - regardless if you qualified for a free pick up and delivery in the first place.

Finally, in the event of a 'Failed Delivery', customer may reschedule for a re-delivery or to pick up their furniture- but in either case, we will only accept a CASH payment at that time...NO CHECKS or CREDIT will be accepted as a result of failed deliveries.

FYI- Why we dislike having to write paragraph 6- "It is not good business for either the customer or Bruno's to pickup furniture when no adult is home.  Minors cannot legally enter into a contract and besides that, we need to discuss your potential repairs." 

"Additionally, our time is valuable, just like yours.   It costs us real money to take time to load your furniture, pack it safely, and drive all the way to your home or office, to find no one home. In this day an age of multiple means of electronic communications,....a customer can always contact us prior to delivery time to cancel...and I understand urgent situations occur....but it's nice to be communicated with."

"As far as being present to sign for credit card payments- check your agreement with your credit card are required to sign and I am required to get a signature. This is good business.  Yes, you don't sign when using it on the internet, but usually buy making an online purchase, you agree to the merchants terms of use by doing so.  Bruno's it not an 'online purchase', therefore, we are not set up that way.  We are BOTH at risk without a signature."

Thank you for your understanding.  We appreciate each and every customer!

** There are some circumstances whereas there will be a charge for pickup and delivery, despite the size of the job.  Some of them are, but not limited to: Oversized Furniture, Exceptionally Heavy Furniture, Items that are difficult to remove from your location, Items that need a lot of dis-assembly to remove from your location, Items that require more than 2 people to
move or pack, etc.  In any case, you will be notified of the charges in advance during the estimate process, unless we were not made aware of the above circumstances before we arrive. 

* Free Estimates do not pertain to Damage Claims Estimates
A Damage Claim Estimate is defined as a case whereas a third party has damaged your furniture, like a moving company, a carpet cleaner, a contractor, the SWAT team (no kidding, I've had it happen), etc- and you need a written estimate to prove what it will cost to bring your furniture back to original condition.

Sometimes, in the case of fire or flood (or in Albuquerque- a car hits your house!) you may need a written damage claim estimate for your own insurance company.

No problem. Damage Claim Estimates start at $150.
(Call for current pricing as it will depend upon how many items and where you are located....usually starting at $40)
Payments from third parties ARE NOT accepted.  The owner of the furniture in question will need to pay for the Damage Claim Estimate at the time of writing, and upon delivery of completed work, thank you. 

If you decide to actually get ALL of the work within the estimate done, the entire estimate fee WILL BE credited toward the total bill

If you decide to get less work done, we'll work out a reasonable credit with you on a case by case basis. Usually a percentage of what you get done....

For example-get half the work done, get half of the fee paid as a credit...etc.


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Mechanical Guarantee

This covers the mechanical aspect of the repair, such as:  Repaired Wood or Metal Pieces.  It also covers replaced items, such as chair wheels, swivels, drawer slides, etc.

In most cases, since it is beyond our control how a furniture piece is used, a 30 Day guarantee is the longest we can offer, but only under normal use.

If it breaks after this, give us a call.  We may be able to work out something with you. 

Additionally, some items will not be guaranteed at all.  We will inform you of this in the beginning.  This is because over the past 20-25 years or so, furniture has become more and more 'cheaply made'.  Cheap, poorly made modern furniture sometimes is not even worth repairing, period.  Again, you will be informed of this before any work is done. 

We bring this up because some folks want a 'cheaply made' item repaired to 'get by for a while', and that's cool.  But the truth is, it will only be for a while.

We will let you know from the start if we anticipate this to be the case.

Payment Options  
Now Accepting:
Credit and Debit Cards
Local Checks
and Cash!

Barter.  I will consider trading for goods and services.  What do you have??




Guarantee's In Summary

Bottom line on guarantees- we want you to be happy.  And at the same time, we want to be fair.  Fair is fair and it reciprocates.  It is not fair to you to pay to have something fixed, and then it falls apart.  But on the other hand, it is not fair to us to call us back because junior was leaning back in a dining chair we just fixed for you, or someone in your family 'dragged' something across the top of your newly refinished table top  (I've done this long enough, so I can tell).  Yes, we are trying to earn a buck, but sincerely want to give you a good value for your money, too. 

We are natives to Albuquerque and current residents of Rio Rancho.  This 'metro area' is too small, and we know too many people here to be cheating anyone. 

Thank you!

Please understand that furniture usually takes up valuable floor space, and I am more than happy to accommodate your needs. However, once I complete your item(s) that are in for repair or restoration, I ask that you kindly pick them up or agree to a delivery day and time (whether you dropped them off or have chosen to save delivery charges) within 7 days of being notified.  I can be in early, or late, with a little notice from you if that helps.  I am willing to work with you the best I can. 

Items left after 7 days without making prior arrangements, will be charged $10 PER DAY storage fees, and after 30 days, will be sold for charges due or disposed of at our discretion. 

This notice is also posted in the shop.