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In Home Personal Estimates are FREE!!* 
*(There is a small fee to go to you for written third party damage claim estimates- or bring the items in for free estimate)

Bruno's Furniture Repair offers a variety of Furniture Repair and Restoration services, such as: Wood Dining Chairs, Antique Restoration (usually without stripping and refinishing) Office Chairs and other items that need re-gluing, including case goods (Dressers, Chests, etc) that are falling apart, upholstered items in need of internal frame repair, or seam repair/blind stitching, Recliner Frames/Mechanism repair/replacement, Caning (both machine and hand woven) and Rush Seating are among some of the general furniture services that Bruno's Furniture Repair can handle.  Additionally, Bruno's Furniture Repair, handles furniture repair right here in the Albuquerque Metro Area and Rio Rancho. 

To date, Tom Bruno has been repairing and restoring furniture for over 26 years...a quarter century!  Bruno can fix just about any furniture problem- even if you tried to fix it first...... however- certain 'cheaply made imported' furniture may not be worth

........before you toss it out, give Bruno a call at 505-280-4940 (or email) to discuss the furniture problem you are having. 

Some folks get so used to the comfort level of their old sofa or recliner, they want to keep it rather that replace it, or- it is part of a set, and Bruno can help with this!

Keep in mind that in upholsterd items, such as sofas, recliners, etc.... , not only does Bruno repair it, he reinforces it too, with the goal being to outlast the actual life of the furniture!

     Customer Reviews  

A great furniture resource!

We are recent immigrants to Albuquerque and our very nice Bernhardt bedroom suite was pretty badly damaged during the move. We thought about getting some replacement furniture, but really couldn't find anything equivalent that wasn't very expensive and/or really didn't match the quality of the set we had. We were fortunate to happen upon Bruno's ad on Craigslist and had him come over for an estimate. Bottom line was we had Bruno work his magic on the furniture and it is now functional again and looks better than ever! Bruno was polite, competent, punctual and very reasonable on his pricing. He's now the first person we contact when we run across furniture that we might be interested in, but isn't "perfect."

Heartily recommend him to anyone who has a need for these kinds of services.

December 05, 2010 by Stephen Porter in Albuquerque, NM

Outstanding Job!!

My husband had purchased me a beautiful antique entry piece, and as luck would have it, it broke on the way home...we thought it was a lost cause as the front of the piece is very detailed and it had broke into several pieces, along with the legs. Lucky for us I found Bruno!!!! He did an amazing job on fixing my piece, the craftsmanship was outstanding, you cant tell where the piece was broken. The cost to repair was also very reasonable. I will definitely call Bruno for any future repairs that I may need.

December 22, 2010 by Michelle Pino in Albuquerque, NM

Awesome work!

I was so pleased with the repair on my antique head dinning chair. I didn't know if their was any hope for it. The back of the chair was cracked and both arms needed repair and replacement in several places. Mr.Bruno not only repaired it, but during the process kept in close contact with me via email and phone. I felt that he understood the sentimental value this piece had and treated its repair very personally. If you have something that needs repair I would highly recommend his services. His work was excellent and very meticulously done. His prices were more than fair and I will return to him for future services.

December 13, 2010 by Renea Anderson in Rio Rancho, NM


We have been using Bruno's services for our furniture for over a year now and it has been PHENOMENAL!! He returns our furniture better than when we bought it! Bruno is completely professional and trustworthy. We will always be returning customers cause Bruno is the best at what he does!

February 09, 2011 by Michelle Munoz in Albuquerque, NM

Worth every penny

Just before tossing out the "old chair" taking up space in the garage I found Bruno's contact info, and I'm glad I did. Broken pieces were hanging from the chair but I thought I would give the free estimate a chance. Two weeks later I have a chair that I can't believe is the same chair I almost tossed. Bruno did a great job and more importantly did exactly what he said he would do, and then some.

February 04, 2011 by Thomas J. in Albuquerque, NM

Love my chairs!

I've had some chairs that needed to be re-covered and Bruno was able to do the whole job in just a couple days and have them to me in time for the company I was expecting!

Will use his services again!

February 22, 2011 by Anonymous

Workmanship is top notch!

Bought a sofa with a so called "lifetime" warranty. This sofa simply did not hold together. The store in Albuquerque on the south side of Menaul had no interest in honoring their warranty. We paid Bruno to fix it and he made it far better than anything they would ever sell. His workmanship is top notch and I will use him again. Thanks Bruno!

June 28, 2011 by Ray in Rio Rancho, NM

Amazing what Bruno can do for furniture!

I had seen Bruno's ad and had kept it in mind because I like old pieces of furniture, but often find them in deplorable shape. Little did I realize that I would soon be needing his services.
One Thanksgiving my girlfriend invited several of our friends over for dinner. After dinner, a friend of mine placed his hands on the arms of her rocking chair to stretch his back and broke one of the arms in half. It looked unrepairable, but I called Bruno. He took the piece and not only fixed the arm, but reglued the ricky rocker back to like new. I was admiring the repair when I picked it up. I told him that the left arm looked almost as good as the right. He then reminded me that it was the right arm that had been repaired. Amazing work at a reasonable price. Bruno is professional and very informative. He showed me several of the pieces that he was working on and explained techniques for not only repairing, but keeping the original look of the piece. You will be very pleased with his skills.

May 11, 2011 by Sharon Chism in Jemez Pueblo, NM

100 year old buffet given a new life!!!

My grandmother received an oak buffet as a wedding gift from my grandfather in 1912. Over the years it began to deteriorate and was stored in a cousins barn. It was headed to the dump in very bad condition, structurally unsound, drawers wobbly, 1/2 of the back section entirely gone, a piece of one door gouged out, the top was stained with severe damage in several places when my cousin asked if I had any use for it. After consulting with a couple of furniture restoration places I couldn't find the right place or person to restore what I hoped would become a treasured family heirloom. Luckily I found Tom Bruno's webpage and based on some before and after photos of his work I made an appointment. The buffet and I made the trip from Las Cruces to his place and I am ever so pleased that it worked out as it did. My grandmothers 100 year old oak buffet has been given a new life! Tom's work is of the highest quality and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommend Tom Bruno!!

by Ophelia in Las Cruces, NM on December 12, 2012

The reviews

* Free Estimates- do not apply to third party Damage Claim Estimates.  Call for pricing on these.

*A third party claim is where you need an estimate due to fire, smoke, water or moving damage...for a third party to pay you.  Bruno does not accept payment from third parties.  We will give you an estimate for a small fee, and credit it back you upon completion of the work that was estimated.Contact Bruno for more details- 505-280-4940.
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