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Here is what Bruno offers - - -
General Wood Furniture Repair

This includes ALL wood furniture items.  Basically, if it's wood, and it's furniture, Bruno can repair it.

Even if you think it's beyond repair, more than likely, Bruno can get it done.

Think of items such as:

Wooden Chairs that- have loose joints, the back is broken off, missing rungs, missing spindles, wheels broken off or missing, broken or missing swivels, legs chewed by puppy, or need touch up, clean up or refinishing, etc.

Wooden Tables that
- have loose legs or joints, broken leaves/drop leaves, extenders malfunctioning, veneer missing or damaged, stains, legs snapped off or missing, or need touch up, clean up or refinishing, etc.

Wooden Cabinets, Chests, Dressers that- have malfunctioning drawers or doors, loose hinges, drawers or doors falling apart, shrunken or cracked inserts, missing slides or glides, missing hardware, veneer missing or damaged, stains, legs snapped off or missing, cracked or missing mirrors, or need touch up, clean up or refinishing, etc.
To Restore or not?      Antique Restoration

There are numerous types of antiques, and 'almost antiques' that Bruno can restore. 

Not all need refinishing!  Most items, depending upon condition, can be brought back to life with a detailed cleaning, minor repairs, and light touch up!

Will my heirloom lose value if it needs major repair or refinishing??

It WILL NOT affect the value if it's already dirty, stained, weathered, missing pieces or otherwise falling apart!

Most of the pieces I get have been- In the attic, on the back porch, in the shed or barn, etc. and are usually to the point of having no real value...if your piece looks original, is not falling apart and is from the late 1800's for example, and is in generally good shape, it may only need a careful and detailed cleaning and oiling.  But, the truth is....I never see anything like this.  I always get them in bad shape.

Honestly, how valuable can it really be if it's already dilapidated*?!?

*di·lap·i·dat·ed (d-lp-dtd)  adj.
Fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, as through neglect; broken-down and shabby.
Mechanical Repairs

This includes your favorite Recliner. 

Or, your favorite Swivel Rocker.

Or, your favorite Office Chair.

Or any other metal furniture piece you may have that has moving parts- or not. 

Such as- Metal File Cabinets,
               Metal Desks, etc.

Other Services

Custom installed furniture and cabinet locks, great for the liquor or medicine cabinet, or a desk drawer to keep the honest people honest.

Furniture Assembly- So, the item you bought only comes un-assembled, but you really don't want to deal with those poorly written instructions- call me!
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There are several types of seating that Bruno can restore

Cane Seating- both Hand Woven and Machine Woven.

Rush Seating- Hand Woven 'twisted paper'.  Bruno does not offer real, cattail/natural rushing.

Light Upholstery- This means any type of seating that DOES NOT require a sewing machine.

In other words, it is either wrapped around, or secured with Decorative Tacks or Gimp Trim.

Bruno is simply not equipped with an industrial sewing machine.

Upholstered Sofas and Chairs-
Although Bruno does not offer Full Blown upholstery in the true sense of the word- there are times when these items need internal or fabric repairs.

This includes things like- sofa or chair frame repair, or internal arm repairs, seat spring replacement, frame re-inforcement, etc. 

This involves careful removal of existing material, be it fabric, vinyl or leather, to gain access to internal structure, then do the necessary repair and often times re-inforcement, then re-install material.

Or, sometimes the stitching may be coming apart, and may need to be 'Blind Stitched'. 

Just because Bruno does not have an industrial sewing machine does not mean he doesn't know how it's done.
Bruno's DOES NOT offer re-upholstery that requires a sewing machine, but you should call Steve or Andrew Chavez of Cibola Upholstery if you want a GOOD JOB and at a reasonable cost!!

Call 505-897-0982.....
Or visit their website-
Cibola Upholstery
and tell 'em Bruno sent you, would ya, please?

New- Trade in Program  

We are now accepting trade in's toward your furniture restoration needs. 

How it works-
Let's say you have a WOOD furniture item you no longer need.  Instead of going through the hassle of cleaning it up, repairing it, and then advertising it, (to not have people show up like they say they will), we will give you credit for it towards a repair or restoration job.

What do we do with it?
Well, depending on what it is, and the condition of the item, more than likely we will restore or repair it ourselves, and then sell it in the front of our shop, or usually will post it on craigs list 6538 4th Street NW, in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.  SEE MAP

If it's in real bad shape, and there are usable parts, such as: hardware, wheels, drawer slides, hinges, or what have you- we may strip it of parts and discard the rest. 

Give us a call or email today and remember- even if you think it is not worth anything, or un-repairable- check with us first!

Call 505-280-4940 or Contact Us via email.